Fashion Sustainability in France with Nelly Biche De Bere

**CenGiving’s Foray into Fashion Sustainability in France: In Partnership with Nelly Biche De Bere**

Welcome to the story of CenGiving’s work in France, specifically our strides in the realm of fashion sustainability in partnership with Nelly Biche De Bere. Our activities in France echo our commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world, much like our environmental efforts in Ghana and The Gambia.

Our work in France is rooted in the belief that fashion is a powerful platform for societal change. By amplifying voices in fashion, we foster dialogue around critical issues like sustainability, cultural representation, and ethical production. We aim to reshape the narrative, encouraging fashion to be seen not just as a means of self-expression, but also as a tool for activism.

With Nelly Biche De Bere, we’ve embraced upcycling, a testament to our mission of marrying fashion with sustainability. This approach challenges the status quo in the fashion industry, promoting a circular economy where waste is minimised, and resources are efficiently utilised. Upcycling serves as a powerful reminder that sustainable fashion is not just possible; it’s also stylish, practical, and responsible.

Just as we’ve done in Ghana and The Gambia, our initiatives in France address the green agenda, highlighting how climate change reinforces societal inequities. We strive to deconstruct these structures, championing a vision of sustainable fashion that actively combats privilege, colonialism, and corporatism.

Our activities in France also reflect our commitment to using reparation funds to build an equitable future. By redirecting these funds into initiatives like our upcycling projects, we promote sustainable growth and social justice. We believe in correcting past wrongs and laying the groundwork for a future where opportunity and prosperity are universally accessible.

Our work in France aligns with the messages propagated by our ‘Emperor’s Old Clothes’ project. Both advocate for conscious consumption, encouraging individuals to make ethical and sustainable fashion choices. Our projects underline the pressing need for a transition away from fast fashion and towards a more conscious, sustainable industry.

Under the guiding hand of Dr Shaun Danquah and in partnership with Nelly Biche De Bere, CenGiving’s efforts in France are leading the charge towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Each initiative is a step towards our vision of a sustainable, equitable world. This is the essence of CenGiving in France.


At CenGiving, we believe in the power of collective action. It's not just about giving - it's about inspiring and leading a global movement towards a sustainable, equitable future.